Work for the season of formula1 2017 issued by Movistar +. Traditional animation with a handmade frame-by-frame treatment, with brushes to achieve the final look.
Produced by Whiteline and Performed by an independent freelance team led by Sr.Margarito.
Concept and colour
2D Animation
Treatment with brushes on vector animation
Motion 2D and postproduction​​​​​​​
Client: Movistar +
Production Company: VISUALZINK
Production: WHITELINE
Concept Art and Animator Direction: Sr. Margarito
Animacion 2D: Jctoon
Motion design and FX: Ubalio
Brush Art direction: Daniel Eguia
Brush Artist: Elena and Diego
Layout 3D: Bogieman
Animatic: Jaime Visedo
Audio Director: Omar Tenani
Sound Design: Alberto Gonzalez
Original Rock&Rolla Music: Omar Tenani

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