The Asociación de Cerveceros de España (Spain's Beer Drinkers Asociation) organises a contest to promote beer consumption in a responsible way. For the audiovisual piece we've created this proposal.
"There are a lot of things around a beer, but always with a finger of froth, and two of forhead" (To have 'two fingers of forhead' is literally translated from Spanish, it means to be smart)


Direction, design and animation: Ubalio Martínez
Script: Yael Vázquez Yela
Music, Sound Design and Audio postproduction: Alexis Escalona Andreu
Lettering: Raquel Martínez
Voice: Álvaro Gijón Sarria

Thanks to:
JCtoon, Antonio Mendoza, Victor Andrey and Majestic Lemon's team for the support and feedback.

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